Evaluation procedure

Musurgia is a scientific research journal based on the principle of peer review. All submitted contributions are reviewed according to the modalities specified below.

Each article submitted to Musurgia is subject to a minimum of two double-blind reviews. The reviews, carried out on the basis of anonymised texts, are based on a number of criteria summarised in an evaluation form. The results of the evaluation, also anonymised and including general recommendations from the editorial team on the acceptance of the article, are sent back to the authors of the articles. The authors may be invited to modify their article according to the content of the reviews.

The reviewers, chosen by the editorial team, are specialists whose research topics are closely related to the article to be evaluated. Their names appear on the reading committee, whose composition is updated and published annually.

In the case of an article submitted by a member of the editorial team, the latter does not take part in the discussion of his or her own article.

Each article submission to Musurgia is responded to by the editorial team within approximately six months.

Finally, the authenticity of the article contents is checked using plagiarism detection software such as Compilatio.

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