Musurgia – Analyse et Pratique Musicales

Created in 1994, the journal Musurgia is published quarterly. André Riotte (1928-2011) was its editor in chief from 1994 to 2000, Nicolas Meeùs from 2001 to 2017. Under the auspices of the French Society for Music Analysis (SFAM), Musurgia publishes on all subjects in relation with music analysis and/or theory. The journal has the ambition to foster dialogue beyond institutional, national, and disciplinary boundaries.
Submissions are welcome. Propositions in French or in English will be sent by email to the editorial team and will conform to the "instructions aux auteurs" (English translation in preparation) proposed on this website.

Institutions partenaires

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Maison d'édition

Musurgia est éditée par les Éditions ESKA

Administration, Abonnement, Fabrication
Éditions ESKA
12 rue du Quatre-Septembre, 75002 Paris
Tél. +33 (0)1 42 86 55 65
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Directeur de la publication
Serge Kebabtchieff

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