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The Musurgia journal is available by subscription in paper and/or digital version via the Eska Publishing website (https://eska-publishing.com/fr/1325-musurgia).

The issues published since 2008 are accessible in digital version via the Cairn platform (https://www.cairn.info/revue-musurgia.htm), with immediate open access to the editorials, the summaries, outlines and beginnings of each article, as well as the authors’ biographies. Full and immediate open access is possible for members of specific institutions (see https://www.cairn.info/acces_hors.php).

Issues published between 1994 and 2009 are accessible in digitised version via the JSTOR platform (https://www.jstor.org/journal/musurgia), with immediate open access to the abstracts and beginnings of each article.  Full open access with download is possible for members of specific institutions (see https://www.jstor.org/institutionSearch?redirectUri=%2fstable%2f40591517). Online reading of the articles’ full content is also possible for free with the creation of a personal account and within the limit of 100 articles per month (see https://www.jstor.org/register?redirectUri=%2fstable%2f10.2307%2F40591517%3Fread-now%3D1%23page_scan_tab_contents).

The repository by the author(s) of a full text article on different open archive platforms or other websites is encouraged by Musurgia’s access policy, which supports the scientific and societal objective of open science. The repositery, which may be referenced on the journal website at the request of the author(s), must however be made in agreement with the co-authors and in compliance with the legal framework protecting the publisher.

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Musurgia est éditée par les Éditions ESKA

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