Article competition 2021 (Prix Jean-Jacques Nattiez – Prix SFAM « Annie Labussière »)

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Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:15
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The SFAM / Musurgia journal’s article competition 2021

On the initiative of the French Society for Music Analysis (SFAM), the Musurgia journal is organising an article competition with two financial prizes.
After a pre-selection by a jury composed of the editors-in-chief, the editorial board and the SFAM President, two prizes will be awarded:

The Jean-Jacques Nattiez Prize

The Jean-Jacques Nattiez prize, worth 1000 €, will be awarded under his responsibility for an article written in French by a young researcher (up to 35 years old or having defended their PhD thesis within the last 5 years).

Articles should address one of the subject areas covered by the journal, in particular but not limited to:

  • Music analysis from various periods and cultures;
  • Analytical theories;
  • Analytical methods;
  • History and epistemology of music analysis and theory;
  • Musical semiotics;
  • Computer-aided music analysis;
  • Teaching of analysis;
  • Practical applications of analysis.

The SFAM “Annie Labussière” Prize

The SFAM prize, worth 1000 €, will be awarded under the responsibility of a committee of SFAM members for an article related to the work and/or the fields of interest of the researcher, analyst and theorist Annie Labussière, who died on 25 February 2021. The article may be written in French or in English.

Articles should focus on the theme of unaccompanied singing and, more generally, on “melodic thinking” and in particular may address the following issues:

  • Static scalar organisations and the dynamics of vocal gestures;
  • Melodic rewritings and deep structures (pentatonic and pre-pentatonic);
  • Modal scales, modal contours and melodic formulae;
  • Melodic structure and harmonic order;
  • Linguistic models, cognitive models;
  • Theoretical models and analytical methods and tools (especially digital) for melodic analysis;
  • Melodic systems and how they relate to socio-cultural practices.

These themes, without limitation, can be explored using all types of monodic repertoires – from plainchant to children’s singing, including the songs of the troubadours and trouvères, popular tunes and all ethnomusicological sources. A bibliographical list with links to some of Annie Labussière’s work can be consulted on the SFAM website http://www.sfam.org/nouveau/AnnieBiblio.php. (In case of difficult access to certain documents, please contact contact@sfam.org.)


General information (applies to both prizes)

Only articles that meet the proposed themes and the editorial standards of the journal will be considered (see back cover or http://musurgia.fr/fr/node/2799).

The winning articles will be published in the Musurgia journal and will include a mention of the prize. Winners will receive their financial award after publication of their article. Non-prize-winning articles will also be considered for publication according to the journal’s editorial protocol.

Articles should be sent by email to the editors-in-chief (redactionmusurgia@gmail.com) by 15 September 2021 at the latest, with the reference “2021 competition” in the subject line of the email. The results will be announced on 1 December 2021. Participation in this competition is conditional on the 2021 membership of the Société Française d’Analyse Musicale. To be considered for the competition, the authors must have paid their 2021 membership fee by 15 September 2021 at the latest (see http://www.sfam.org/nouveau/Adhesion.php).

Young researchers should enclose one of the following documents with their application: a copy of their identity card or a copy of their student card or proof of their doctoral degree.

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